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Can dogs eat corn?

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Here’s one of the main things to remember when it comes to how to feed a puppy — don’t go overboard in doling out treats. You don’t want your puppy to have more waddle than wiggle and pack on extra pounds. That’s why Laura recommends you use meaty soft treats and break them up into small pieces — about the size of half of an M&M candy piece.
“Don’t always give treats for good behavior,” she adds. “Sometimes, reward them with calorie-free praise. Dr. Katz adds that treats should not exceed more than 10 percent of your puppy’s daily caloric needs.
Include food in the crate
Do feed your puppy in his crate to reduce the chance he will feel a need to resource guard. It’s been more than a decade since Jill James, of Allen, Texas, has had to deal with the needs of a young pup. The other three dogs in her home — Gracie, Maddie and Jeanne — are 7 years and older.
To keep Oliver, her hungry, fast-eating Schnoodle puppy, from attempting to steal food from the bowls of the three adult dogs, Jill always feeds him inside his crate located in the living room. “By feeding him in the crate, I have been able to condition him to view the crate as a good place and a go-to place for meals and treats,” Jill says. “Plus, the other three dogs are able to eat in peace without a pestering puppy.”
Train their brains
Don’t only feed in a bowl — work your puppy’s puzzle-solving skills. Puppies are hunters in training. They welcome the chance to “stalk” for food. That’s why Laura recommends to go bowl-free on occasion and have your puppy find his kibble inside a food puzzle. “You can literally see their little brains hard at work to find the kibble,” she says.
Of all the items in my pantry, the one I never want to run out of is cinnamon. My dogs and I enjoy this amazing, deliciously fragrant spice every single day of the year. The dogs get cinnamon sprinkled over their food at every meal. I like it in and on everything from yogurt, lemonade and chai tea to vegetable curry, baked apples and rice pudding. Not only does cinnamon smell and taste great — cinnamon for dogs has many health benefits, as we’ll see below.
First — What is cinnamon and where does it come from?
Is cinnamon for dogs healthy? Photography courtesy Melissa L. Kauffman.